Current issue of our journal is devoted to the Islam in a modern metropolis. We wanted to see what impact on Islam and Muslims make globalization, population growth in large cities and migration to the West, the rapid spread of the Internet and social media, transformation of marketing technologies, emergence of the new elites and social hierarchies. How do Muslims adapt to the new situation and engage with the new spaces? How does the Islamic tradition integrate itself into the new contexts and even transform them?

Accordingly, most of the research papers presented in this issue is of an anthropological nature. Social / cultural anthropology as a complex human science provides Islamology with a special perspective that allows the study of Islam to go beyond classical oriental studies, overcoming not only the theory, but above all the "orientalist" limitations of methodology and discourse on East in practice. At the same time, attention to the details of specific cases let anthropologist be free from the schematism that is widespread in the social sciences, claiming generalization at the macro level. Such schematism often does not find a basis in empirical material and usually formats this material within the given research framework.

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Christopher Houston
Welmoet Boender
Farid Asadullin

Muslims in imperial and post-imperial context

Daniil Melentev


Eman Abdelhadi
Dmitry Oparin