Al-Azhar Universiry and the government in Egypt: the development of relations in the second half of the 20th - beginning of 21st century

Irina Tsaregorodseva


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The control over the main religious centers including one of the most important Muslim institution with the state status - the Al-Azhar University -  belongs to the executive power in Egypt. On the one hand, the state has a decisive influence on the formation of religious ideology in the country, and on the other - ensure the 'official' ulama advantage in the interpretation of Islam and current issues from the point of view of Islamic law. Meanwhile in recent years new factors affected therelationship between al-Azhar and the Egyptian authorities. Analysis of these factors is the theme of this article. The structure and function of Al-Azhar, the religious policy of  Nasser and Al-Azhar reform, the role of the supreme Sheikh of al-Azhar are discussed.


contemporary Egypt; religious policy; state control; al-Azhar; ‘ulama


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