The opening issue of Islamology for 2018 will be devoted to Islam in megalopolises.

Globalization, urbanization and migration to the West, the rapid spread of the Internet and social media, transformation of marketing technologies, emergence of the new elites and social hierarchies have certainly made a huge impact of Muslims and Islam. What is the reaction to these challenges, how do Muslims adapt to the new situation and engage with the new spaces? How does the Islamic tradition integrate itself into the new contexts and even transform them? What are the new meanings produced in these meeting points? What is the impact of post-secular tendencies? What is the influence of neoliberalism, neo-Marxism, neo-Sovietism, and the transforming nationalisms on the Muslim societies?

We invite you to dwell on these and related issues on the pages of Islamology. The deadline is 30 March 2018. Working languages are Russian and English. Please follow the APA 6th ed. reference style in your articles.