The main topic of the second issue of Islamology for 2018 will be reforms and renovationist movements in Islam. Send us your papers including answers to following questions:

Islamic Reform (islah) and «Renovation» (tajdid) and the Christian Reformation: are these phenomena of the same order?

How important are the dilemmas of «tradition and modernity», «sunna and bid’a», «ijtihad and taklid» in the situation of social modernisation?

What is the intra-Islamic context of the Islah movement?

What exactly can be called Jadidism and Qadimism in Russian Islamic discourse in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? In the post-Soviet space? How useful are these categories for the study of Muslim societies?

Islamism, secularism and nationalism as an instrumentalization and functionalization of key concepts of Islamic religious and political discourse.
Renewal movements in Sufism and Hanbalism.

The deadline is 30 September, 2018. Working languages are Russian and English. Please follow the APA 6th ed. reference style in your articles.