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Author Guidelines

The journal Islamology accepts scholarly papers, translations and commentaries of texts of cultural or historical significance, essays, reports on academic conferences, congresses and workshops, book synopses, reviews and other Russian or English-language texts concerning the Islamic Studies.

A paper may not exceed 1 signature long (40 000 characters including white spaces). A synopsis or review may not exceed ½ signature long. Each paper is subject to a double blind peer review. Texts published previously are not accepted.

Please email your submissions to

Fill in the 'Subject' field of your email as follows: 'Paper' <your surname with initials> <paper title>. The paper file must be in Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

Paper pages should be enumerated continuously, including the reference list, tables, captions and comments to graphic material (maps, tables, pictures, photos). Use font face Times New Roman, font size 14, line spacing 150%, and the default indentations.

In the beginning of the article specify the author's first, second and last names, the academic title and rank, employment and position, and email address.

Append an abstract (note the goal, methods and research results of the paper) and a keyword list written in both Russian and English. If you don't know Russian, we'll translate the abstract, keywords and you contact details in case of acceptance of your paper.


We use APA 6th ed. reference and citation format. Please read guidelines and apply them in your paper.

Footnotes should appear on the same page with the referenced text and follow continuous numeration. References in the footnotes should have the same format as in the main text and be expanded in the general reference list as well.

Please be aware that the authors are the primary responsible parties for the authenticity of citations, veracity of facts and statistical data, accuracy of the names and disclosure of classified information.


Privacy Statement

Names and e-mail addresses entered by visitors in the journal’s website will be used exclusively for internal technical procedures. Your names and e-mails will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.