The Islamology journal is an academic project of Mardjani Foundation and group of scholars of Islamic Studies. Islamology follows the thought and mission of our previous journal Pax Islamica – The World of Islam, which had been published in 2007 – 2013. However, the format of the new journal is slightly different; it is more dynamic and open to current social and political issues, discussions and approaches while maintaining its commitment to fundamental research established by the previous team.

The study of Islam and Muslims is becoming ever more relevant as academic knowledge on this subject is increasingly more valuable. Political events in the Middle East, discovery of new primary sources and materials, increasing migration from Muslim countries and many other relevant issues stimulate the Islamic studies and render them vital. That is why our journal is dedicated to these subjects.

We use the notion of academic “Studies of Islam”/“Islamic Studies” in a broad sense, implying by it any issue concerning Islam and Muslim societies. However, it will be unlikely to find in the journal those articles, which do not touch on specifically Islamic topics. An example is an article which discusses a certain type of sports in a particular Muslim country. However, we would welcome studies which investigate the influences of “Islamic ethics” on the sporting spirit. We are interested in the influence of Islam on people and vice versa.

Islamology is included in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences ERIH PLUS, the Russian Science Citation Index РИНЦ and other indexes.



CfP — Contesting boundaries and producing the norm: Gender-related issues in Islamic theory and practice


Major social, economic, political transformations of the last decades have strongly affected both Muslim majority and Muslim minority countries, bringing issues related to gender and sexuality to the forefront. These transformations that have fundamentally altered the previously dominant role division between men and women (both in private and public spheres) have been fuelling broad-ranging and often heated debates on adjacent topics of gender-fluidity and sexual orientation, the institution of marriage, gender rights and freedoms. 

This special issue of Islamology aims to examine the variety of Muslim voices participating in these debates

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Islamology v.8, issue 2 is published

This issue of the journal of Islamology is dedicated to the discussion of what is generally called the “Islamic Reformation”, the “Reformism”, the “Renewal” and the “Revival” from the point of view of studies of Islam and an Islamic perspective itself.  
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Islamology v.8(1) is available online

Current issue of our journal is devoted to the Islam in a modern metropolis.  
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