Concept of World and Man in Novels by Mikhail Nuaimeh. To the Problem of Synthesis of Cultures

Maria Nikolaeva


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The article of Maria Nikolaeva investigates religious syncretism in literary works of the well-known Lebanese classic Mikhail Nuaimeh. The author shows a complicated fusion of neo-Sufi mysticism, Christian Orthodox tradition, Pantheism and Western philosophic influences in his autobiographical writings. The focus is made on issues of inner religiosity and personal mystic knowledge of God in the life stories and experiences of Nuaimeh's heroes. The author attributes the importance of these topics for Nuaimeh and eclectic character of his works to the historical context of multi-cultural and poly-confessional Lebanese society in the twentieth century.



contemporary Arabic literature; Mikhail Naimy; Christianity; Islam; mysticism; philosophy; poly-confessionalism; Lebanon


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