Musa Jarullah Bigiev. Islahat asaları (Foundations of Reforms). Introduction, translation from Tatar and commentaries by Ilshat F. Gimadeev

Ilshat Gimadeev


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Russian translation of a part of Musa Bigiev’s collection of documents and memoirs, related to the First All-Russian Muslim congress (1905) and formation of Ittifaq al-Muslimin party. Materials on social and political movement of Russia’s Muslims in 1904-1915 included into the book, were collected by Bigiev – a Tatar Muslim theologian and political activist who participated in these events, with his own commentaries. Translator’s introduction discovers a history of Islahat asaları publication and general content and provides a brief survey of historical developments described in the text.


Musa Bigiev; translation; all-Russiaт Muslim congresses of; Ittifaq al-Muslimin; reform; mejlis; Abd al-Rashid Ibrahim