Tarih-e Milli: "Our History" in the "Shura" Journal

Dilyara Brileva

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24848/islmlg.10.1.03

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The study deals with the formation of the idea of the national history among the Muslim Tatars of the Russian Empire in the periodicals in the early 20 century. The study's analysis is based on the materials of the journal "Shura" (1908-1917). Discussions about the history of the Turkic Tatars were built around the concepts of "our history" (tarihymyz) and "national history" (tarih-e milli and milli tarih). The ideas about "our history" in the journal "Shura" were formed through the construction of the "glorious history" of the Turks and the creation of the image of a civilized (madani) nation. Discussions about national history allow us to reveal whom the authors of the publications attributed to the category "our ancestors" and what traits were attributed to them. The interpretation of the Turko-Tatar history was considered to be distinctive for this periodical (A. Assmann).


history of the Russian Empire; history of Islam in Russia; the Tatar periodical press; journal "Shura"; Rizaetdin Fahretdin


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24848/islmlg.10.1.03