Towards Federative Treaties of Georgievsk in 1783 and 1802: Muslim Leagues and Princedoms of Dagestan in Arabic Diplomatic Correspondence and Agreements with the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti and Imperial Russia in the 18th Century

Vladimir Bobrovnikov, Ilyas Kayaev, Fasih Baderkhan, Karimula Khalikov


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This selection of 15 diplomatic letters and agreements between Muslim khanates and village leagues of the East Caucasus, Georgia and imperial Russia sheds light on how a federative union under the Russian imperial protectorate formed in the region between the 1740s and the beginning of the nineteenth century. Documents were gathered in private and state archives, translated from Arabic into Russian, commented and introduced by Vladimir O. Bobrovnikov and Ilyas A. Kayaev with assistance of Karimulla G. Khalikov and Fasih Baderkhan.


East Caucasus; South Caucasus; diplomatic letters; translation