Mosques of the Zakazanye Region in the «Mustafad al-Ahbar fi Ahwali Kazan wa Bulgar» Treatise by Sh.Mardjani

Aydar Khairutdinov


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The article introduces the content, structure, and features of one of the chapters of historical treatise of Shihabaddin Mardjani “Mustafad al-Akhbar fi Ahvali Kazan wa Bulgar”. In this Chapter, the author described the history of the most important Tatar mosques located in the historical and cultural region of Qazan Arty, as well as in the extreme geographical points of the chosen area. In addition, the author left valuable biographical information about the imams who served in these mosques. Understanding of this material allowed us to establish the prerequisites for the formation of Sh. Mardjani as a historian and probable reasons that prompted him to turn to the historical and local history topics. In addition, the significance of studied layer of scientist’s heritage for the culture of Tatar people, Tatar historiography, Islamic studies, local history and genealogy is shown. The article is accompanied by illustrative material.


Shihabaddin Mardjani, mosque, Tatar religious architecture, the region of Kazan Аrti, Mustafad al-Akhbar, regional studies, Tatar history


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