Islamic Reformation?

Sami Zubaida


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We keep hearing calls for an ‘Islamic Reformation’, assumed to be the remedy for a fundamentalist Islam behind the conservative Salafi brand as well as the Jihadist. Islam, under these assumptions, generates problems because it had not been ‘reformed’. The assumed model is the Christian Reformation of the sixteenth century, the Protestant reformers, Luther, Calvin and their followers. Informed writers on religion and history have pointed out the problematic nature of these suppositions, with regard to the histories of both Christianity and Islam.


renewal in Islam; Islam and the Reformation


Ali Abd al-Raziq (2004). Al-Islam wa Usul al-Hukm (Islam and the Principles of Governance). Damascus: Dar al-Mada lil-Thaqafa wa al-Nashr (originally published in 1925).