Organization of the Islamic Conference in transforming world

Galina Prozorova


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The paper addresses the following issues: the evolution of the goals and objectives of the OIC in the context of the transformation of the world order after the Cold War, the impact of temporary structures established a unipolar world the activities of trans-regional cooperation among the institutions of the Islamic world. The article traced such trends as the beginning of the formation of a polycentric world and the intensification of regional associations of small and medium-sized countries, the political trend of consolidation in the OIC against the heterogeneity of its member countries, an attempt to "modernizing" the OIC in order to enhance its effectiveness and credibility in the international arena and the ongoing process of reform. Author notes the desire of the OIC to become a center of influence in Muslim world, as well as increased contact with the individual and collective actors in international relations. The article also discussed the motives and goals of Russia's accession to the OIC in the status of observer and prospects of their interaction.


Organization of the Islamic Conference; contemporary history; the world of Islam; modernization; organization chart; international relations


Малашенко, 2008 — Малашенко А. Россия и мусульманский мир, Рабочие материалы № 3.

Московский центр Карнеги. 2008. С. 4.