Religion’s Policy or Policy of war between Constantinople, Damascus and Baghdad

Mahmoud Said Omran


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This paper looks after some, peaceful relationship between Constantinople, Damascus and Baghdad. First, there is the diplomatic mission which was sent by the Emperor Theophilus in 830 to the Abbasid caliph al-Maʼmun. Second, there are the three letters which was sent by Patriarch Nicolas to Amir of Crete about the ill-mannered behavior towards the Cyprians and the demolition of some churches in Balad al-Sham, the mosque of Constantinople and other things. Third, there are two journeys of Ibn Khurdadhbih and al-Harawy to Constantinople and Ephesus to visit the Seven Sleepers site. At last this is the story of political fugitive “asylum” Amir-Amiran (brother of Nur al-Din), in the Byzantine Empire who asked the emperor to maintain the only mosque in Constantinople.


Byzantine Empire; Christian-Muslim relations; religious debates; military relations; diplomatic contacts


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