The first issue in 2017 will be dedicated to anthropology, sociology and political science of the Muslim societies. Which methods of western scholarship are relevant for studying the Muslim countries and societies? What is the difference between the sociology of Islam and general sociology? In what kind of terms can we express political trends of the Islamic world? Why are the debates on “fundamentalism”, “Salafism”, “Islamic reformism”, “jadidism”, “Islamism” still so vibrant? What is the role of traditions, both old and reinvented? Which new approaches can we use to study particular societies and individuals? What are these approaches today?

The theme of the second issue will be "The Primary Sources and History”.

The deadline for submitting papers is March 30, 2017 for the first issue and August 30, 2017 for the second one.

P.S. The main theme will consume only a part of an issue and good papers will be published without regard to the general topic of the issue.